Hayman Smoking Lamp


Introducing the Hayman Smoking Lamp – an exquisite bong from the Hayman’s Lamp Atelier of London. True to Victorian fashion, this smoking lamp was specifically designed to aid and enhance British Imperialism across the globe. The Hayman Smoking Lamp is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a true testament to the attention to detail and quality that the Hayman’s Lamp Atelier is known for.

The Hayman Smoking Lamp features a large globe that holds enough water for smoke filtration, resulting in a less harsh hit on the throat. The thick glass base ensures durability and long-lasting use. The lamp is designed with a classic Victorian style, reminiscent of the era of British Imperialism.

Rumor has it that Winston Churchill owned this very model when he was Lord of the Admiralty, only to have lost it years later to General Montgomery in a spirited game of Go Fish. This adds to the historical significance and unique appeal of the Hayman Smoking Lamp.

This lamp is not only a functional piece but also an excellent addition to any collection, it’s a great conversation starter and offers a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Get your hands on the Hayman Smoking Lamp and own a piece of history that was once owned by a great leader of the British Empire.

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SMOKING LAMPS ARE SMOOTHER — more water means a more satisfying experience. Their unique design provides a more efficient pathway for air, delivering smoke to you faster and cleaner.

SMOKING LAMPS ARE STRONGER — made from industrial flint glass, there is no need to worry about fragility. Bongs are thin and have stress points that shatter easily, but the re-enforced base of a Smoking Lamp certainly won’t!

SMOKING LAMPS ARE CLEANER — although resin cannot build up quickly because the high-water level prevents it, Smoking Lamps are very easy to clean without tools or worry; this means you can spend more time smoking!

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