Baby Blue Smoking Lamp
Baby Blue Smoking Lamp
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Baby Blue Smoking Lamp


The Baby Blue Smoking Lamp – an update on a beloved classic now for a very limited time from the Union Square Lamp Co.

Purchase one today and receive a FREE Original Smoking Lamp. Try them both out and keep your favorite for yourself and share the with a smoking buddy.



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SMOKING LAMPS ARE SMOOTHER — more water means a more satisfying experience. Their unique design provides a more efficient pathway for air, delivering smoke to you faster and cleaner.

STRONGER — made from industrial flint glass, there is no need to worry about fragility. Bongs are thin and have stress points that shatter easily, but the re-enforced base of a Smoking Lamp certainly won’t!

SMOKING LAMPS ARE CLEANER — although resin cannot build up quickly because the high-water level prevents it, Smoking Lamps are very easy to clean without tools or worry; this means you can spend more time smoking!

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 in


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