Smoking Lamp Miniature
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Smoking Lamp Miniature


Say Hello to the newest edition to the Union Square Lamp Co. lineup: The Smoking Lamp Miniature!

Leveraging the superior, patented design of Josiah’s Original Smoking Lamp, the Smoking Lamp Miniature provides the same smooth pull that our customers have come to expect since 1881. With half the globe volume of the Original, this pint-sized powerhouse is sure to blow you away!


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SMOKING LAMPS ARE SMOOTHER — more water means a more satisfying experience. Their unique design provides a more efficient pathway for air, delivering smoke to you faster and cleaner.

STRONGER — made from industrial flint glass, there is no need to worry about fragility. Bongs are thin and have stress points that shatter easily, but the re-enforced base of a Smoking Lamp certainly won’t!

SMOKING LAMPS ARE CLEANER — although resin cannot build up quickly because the high-water level prevents it, Smoking Lamps are very easy to clean without tools or worry; this means you can spend more time smoking!

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 in


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