Jumpin' Josiah NFT
Jumpin’ Josiah NFTs
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Jumpin’ Josiah NFTs

Original price was: $36,003.00.Current price is: $5.00.

Get ready to jump into the world of Josiah Lamp with the Jumpin’ Josiahs NFT collection from the Union Square Lithography Consortium (USLC).

This limited-time offer features playful images of the founder, Josiah Lamp, in a variety of hats, sunglasses, and other fun accessories. Each NFT is unique, capturing the spirit of Josiah’s whimsical personality and love for life.

These unique digital collectibles are created from original Victorian-era printing stones. Each “Josiah” represents an outfit of cranial accoutrement that our founder, Josiah Lamp, actually owned, wore, and chose to be commemorated on expensive lithographic plates. Although the very purpose of lithography was to easily and efficiently reproduce images, Josiah had each stone destroyed after only one use — perhaps completely wasting the time, labor, and resources of the lithographers and artisans involved, but also increasing the rarity and value of each final print.

With a value of over $36,000, these NFTs are a rare opportunity for collectors and investors alike. And for a limited time, you can own a piece of history for only $5!

Don’t miss out on the chance to add these one-of-a-kind NFTs to your collection. Get your hands on a Jumpin’ Josiahs NFT today!

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What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are tokens that cannot be funged. Many popular NFT collections are text files that point to some guy’s server somewhere; sometimes these servers have pictures on them, sometimes they don’t. This is kinda silly, however; our Jumpin’ Josiah NFTs are the ACTUAL PICTURES that you can download and have, thus cutting out the unnecessary step of having to waste a metric ton of carbon emissions to prove it.

You might ask: “How are these still Non-Fungible Tokens, then?” — This is a very good question. Try to funge them; see what happens.

What is the "Jumpin' Josiah" Tech Stack?

In 1892, our founder, Josiah Lamp, commissioned a set of lithography plates to commemorate his favorite outfits of that Summer. Only the finest limestone from the heart of Italy was used and nothing but the purest Bavarian oils were permitted to grace its surface. Once the plate for each article of clothing was etched, they were overlayed to show Josiah all the possible accessories that he could wear together, and then each was promptly destroyed. Therefore, each final lithograph is unique. (The original lithographers themselves never even produced another work for any other client, died shortly under varying and mysterious circumstances, and the printing shop itself was bought by the Union Square Lamp Company and concerted into a decorative Koi pond.)

What is the Value of a "Jumpin' Josiah" NFT?

The value of of every Jumpin’ Josiah is determined purely by what The Market is willing to pay. It is rumored that branches of the House of Habsburg have been impoverished by their pursuit, while paupers on the other side of the world have lined their hovels with Jumpin’ Josiahs for insulation.

What Can I Do with my "Jumpin' Josiah"?

Anything you want! You can print it out and mail it to a friend, frame it on your mantle, or just sit and stare at it for hours on your tiny little phone.

How Do I Buy a "Jumpin' Josiah"?

Clink the link above! Originally priced at 1 Bitcoin (about $36,421) they’re now marked down to ZERO for a limited time!

1 review for Jumpin’ Josiah NFTs

  1. Josiah Lamp (verified owner)

    by far, the best NFT that I’ve ever purchased! I tried to funge it recently, and couldn’t! works as advertised, thank you, Union Square Lithography Consortium!

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