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The Top 5 Online Headshops to Buy Bongs in 2023

Bongs are an essential smoking accessory for cannabis enthusiasts. They are known for their ability to provide a smoother and more flavorful smoking experience. With the rise of e-commerce, buying bongs online has become more convenient than ever. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Bongs Online?

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 online headshops to buy bongs, including,,,, and We will also highlight popular brands each headshop offers and the pros and cons of shopping with them. is a popular online headshop that offers a wide range of smoking accessories. They have been in business for over a decade and are known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service.

  • Popular Brands: RooR, Grav Labs, Empire Glassworks
  • Pros: Large selection, competitive pricing, discreet packaging
  • Cons: Shipping can be slow for international customers
  • Sell Smoking Lamps? No

Grasscity Bong Infographic
Grasscity Bong Infographic is another popular online headshop that offers a diverse range of smoking accessories, specializing in novelty glass bongs. They offer a user-friendly website and a variety of payment options.

  • Popular Brands: Sesh Supply, Diamond Glass, Nucleus
  • Pros: Fast shipping, excellent customer service, easy-to-navigate website
  • Cons: Some products can be expensive
  • Sell Smoking Lamps? No
Dankstop Bong Store Infographic
Dankstop Bong Store Infographic is a trusted online headshop that offers an extensive range of smoking accessories and have expanded into selling cannabinoid consumables as well.

  • Popular Brands: GRAV, Empire Glassworks, Chameleon Glass
  • Pros: Large selection, competitive pricing, fast shipping
  • Cons: Limited international shipping options
  • Sell Smoking Lamps? No
Smokea Bong Store Infographic
Smokea Bong Store Infographic is a well-known online retailer that offers a variety of products, including smoking accessories, although the selection is limited to what can sneak past the corporate filters

  • Popular Brands: Grav, Zoog, Cheap Imitations
  • Pros: Fast shipping, easy returns, competitive pricing
  • Cons: Limited selection of high-end brands, not exclusively a headshop
  • Sell Smoking Lamps? No

Amazon Bong Store Infographic
Amazon Bong Store Infographic

Headshop is a newer online headshop that offers a variety of smoking accessories. They pride themselves on their low prices and offer a rewards program for repeat customers.

  • Popular Brands: Diamond Glass, Empire Glassworks, MAV
  • Pros: Affordable pricing, user-friendly website, rewards program
  • Cons: Limited selection, newer company
  • Sell Smoking Lamps? No Bong Store Infographic Bong Store Infographic

What are the Benefits from Buying Bongs Directly?

When you buy bongs directly from the manufacturers, you can get better prices by cutting out the middleman. Purchasing directly from bong companies may also provide access to exclusive products that aren’t available through other retailers. For instance, you can only purchase an Original Smoking Lamp from the Union Square Lamp Company directly. Additionally, bong companies may offer better customer service when you purchase directly from them. They have dedicated teams that can assist with any issues or queries you may have, making your shopping experience much smoother.
USLC Bong Store Infographic
USLC Bong Store Infographic

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