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Union Square Travel Agency

Union Square Travel Agency: Over a Century of Cannabis Culture in Manhattan

The Union Square Travel Agency (USTA) has been a part of the cannabis culture in Manhattan for over a century. Founded in 1882 by Josiah Lamp, the USTA was created with the mission of providing access to the finest smoking lamps and other accessories from around the world. The USTA has evolved from a travel agency to a cannabis dispensary, providing premium cannabis flower and genuine smoking lamps from around the world at affordable prices.

Bong Law Cover

Bongs and the Law: Understanding the Complexities of Cannabis Paraphernalia

The legality of bongs, also known as cannabis paraphernalia, varies depending on the jurisdiction. In the United States, bongs are classified as drug paraphernalia under federal law, making their possession, sale, and distribution illegal. However, individual states have the power to regulate the use and sale of bongs within their borders, leading to a patchwork of laws across the country. The impact of bong legality can affect both individuals and businesses, with severe legal consequences for those caught using or possessing them and difficulties for businesses to operate. Furthermore, international laws regarding bongs also vary and it’s important for individuals and businesses to be aware of the laws in their specific jurisdiction. Additionally, the medical use of bongs as a method to deliver medical cannabis to patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions is a topic that is gaining attention and could provide patients with a safer and more efficient way to consume medical cannabis.

Union Square Park: The Very Center of Cannabis Business in New York City

Union Square Park has a rich history of being a gathering place for the community, playing a vital role in the city’s political, social, cultural and cannabis life. This article takes a deeper look at the history of Union Square Park, with a special focus on its connection with the cannabis industry. From its early days as a public space in the late 1700s, to its redesign in 1872, and its use as a recreational space for cannabis experimentation by Fitz Hugh Ludlow in the mid-19th century. The Park was also a popular spot for leisure activities, such as strolling, picnicking, and even ice-skating during the winter months. The park was also a popular spot for political rallies, including speeches by abolitionists, suffragists, and other political figures. As the park has been a center of political and social activism in New York City throughout its history, including the counter-culture movement of the 1960s and 1970s, and the recent legalization of cannabis in New York, Union Square Park continues to be an important place for the cannabis industry and community.

The Bong Through the Ages: A Historical Perspective

The history of bongs, also known as water pipes, dates back to ancient civilizations in Asia where they were used for smoking herbs and tobacco. Bongs have undergone significant evolution in design, from traditional bongs made from clay and bamboo to modern bongs made from glass and other materials. Bongs have become increasingly popular in […]

Rockaway’s Hog Island: A Summer Paradise Lost to the Sea

Hog Island was a small but significant part of the history of Rockaway, Queens. Located off the coast of Rockaway, Hog Island was a popular summer vacation spot for wealthy New Yorkers in the late 1800s. However, in 1893, a massive hurricane struck the island, washing it away into the sea and taking with it the homes and memories of those who had spent their summers there. Today, Hog Island is all but forgotten, remembered only in the occasional history book or old newspaper article. Its legacy, however, lives on as a reminder of the enduring impact of natural disasters on communities.

US Navy Warship

Smoking Lamps: The Story of Saving Navy Lives at Sea

Smoking lamps are an important safety feature on ships in the United States Navy. They were used to designate areas where sailors were allowed to smoke, helping to prevent the risk of fires on board ship. The Age of Sail The use of smoking lamps dates back to the early days of sail, when ships […]

Jesus Smoking A bong

Bong Hits 4 Jesus: A History of Cannabis in Religious Practice

Cannabis has a long and complex history of use in religious practices around the world. While the plant has been used for various purposes, including recreation and medicinal use, it has also played a significant role in spiritual and religious rituals for centuries.

Cannabis Flower in New York City

How to Acquire Cannabis Flower in New York City

Buying cannabis flower (“weed”, “marijuana”, “giggle bush” &c.) can be daunting to new consumers in New York City; this guide will break down the different channels by which to acquire it and the associated prices and advantages of each.  The following are excerpts from the personal diary or our founder, Josiah Lamp, and are for entertainment and […]

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