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Rolling Papers

How to Roll a Joint (with Pictures)

Smoking Lamps are always a great way to consume cannabis, but sometimes you need a more portable, waterless solution — rolling a joint is an essential skill for any Lamplighter to master and this guide will teach you! Follow along to learn how to roll a joint, spliff, blunt or others combustable cannabis with a […]

The Ancient Diety Moloch

Top Myths about Smoking Lamps

Like many aspects in modern society, there is a lot of misinformation about Smoking Lamps in the media and on the internet. This article covers the Top Five Myths about Smoking Lamps. Who invented Smoking Lamps? Do Smoking Lamps block 5G waves? Are they better than a bong? Read more to find out! 1. Smoking […]

Types of Rolling Papers

Introduction Rolling papers are one of the most important parts of a smoker’s kit. You can’t roll a joint properly without them, and if you’re smoking alone, they’re the only way to keep your weed fresh. There are lots of different brands out there, but there are also quite a few differences in what makes […]

How to Consume Cannabis

How to Consume Cannabis

There are many methods by which one can consume cannabis flower and its extracts — some are more discrete, some are more effective, some are more convenient. This guide is a primer into the pros and cons of each.  The following are excerpts from the personal diary or our founder, Josiah Lamp, and are for […]

How to Acquire Cannabis Flower in New York City

How to Acquire Cannabis Flower in New York City

Buying cannabis flower (“weed”, “marijuana”, “giggle bush” &c.) can be daunting to new consumers in New York City; this guide will break down the different channels by which to acquire it and the associated prices and advantages of each.  The following are excerpts from the personal diary or our founder, Josiah Lamp, and are for entertainment and […]

Original Smoking Lamp

How to Use a Bong

Knowing how to use a bong or smoking lamp is essential to enjoying its full capabilities. In this post, we’ll cover how to smoke cannabis, marijuana, weed, or other herbs, as well as how to clean your equipment for safe, prolonged use. What is a Bong? A bong is a type of water pipe generally […]

clean smoking Lamp

How to Clean your Smoking Lamp

Knowing how to use a Smoking Lamp properly is knowing how to clean it. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide to cleaning and maintaining a a water pipe, also known as a bong, with special attention paid to Smoking Lamps in particular, along with why it’s so important to clean your lamps and bongs in the first place (and how Smoking Lamps make it easier to do so).

Why A Smoking Lamp Is Better Than A Bong

Is it true that a Smoking Lamp is the superior water pipe? Growing up smoking cannabis, you didn’t have a lot of options when it came to how you enjoyed your weed. You were pretty much limited to either a joint, pipe or water pipe (bong). Of course, you have many more options now, but […]

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