Original Lamps


SMOKING LAMPS ARE SMOOTHER — more water means a more satisfying experience than a bong. Their unique design provides a more efficient pathway for air, delivering smoke to you faster and cleaner.


SMOKING LAMPS ARE STRONGER — made from industrial flint glass, there is no need to worry about fragility. Bongs are thin and have stress points that shatter easily, but the re-enforced base of a Smoking Lamp certainly won’t!


SMOKING LAMPS ARE CLEANER — although resin doesn’t build up quickly because the high-water level prevents it, Smoking Lamps are very easy to clean without tools or worry; this means you can spend more time smoking!

Smoking Lamps from the Union Square Lamp Co
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When our founder, Josiah Lamp, started the Union Square Lamp Company he had a singular purpose: To create a convenient, durable, and easy to clean Smoking Lamp for less than the price of an eighth.

Although Josiah could not afford any of the exotic smoking lamps he had seen in store windows, he was able to scrounge materials from dumpsters and alleyways to make his very own. Young Josiah’s resourcefulness paid off; the unique design of his Original Smoking Lamp was better than anything people had tried before, and at a fraction of the cost!

Soon, customers across America were were traveling to Union Square just to buy a lamp from Josiah. Wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, Josiah moved out of the gutters and into a tasteful 2-bedroom in the Village.

The Union Square Lamp Company is proud to carry on Josiah Lamp’s legacy, making high-quality Smoking Lamps at affordable prices.