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How to Light a Bong: Matches vs Lighters vs Hemp Wicks

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How to Light a Bong

To light a bong with a lighter, first ensure your bong is set. Fill it with the right amount of water, not too much to avoid splashback, but enough to filter smoke. 

Next, pack the bowl with your chosen herb, ground to the ideal consistency for airflow and combustion. Hold the bong securely and place your mouth inside the opening, creating an airtight seal. 

Now, with your lighter, aim the flame towards the edge of the herb in the bowl. This technique, known as “cornering,” maximizes your herb’s longevity. Inhale slowly as you light it, drawing the flame into the herb. 

The suction created by your inhalation will pull the flame into the bowl, igniting the herb. Continue to inhale, filling the chamber with smoke. Once you’ve drawn enough smoke, remove the bowl from the stem to create a clear air path, and inhale the smoke into your lungs. 

Proper Bong Lighting Technique
Proper Bong Lighting Technique

What is the Best Lighter for Bongs?

The best lighter for bongs is the Clipper lighter because they are refillable, come with a packing tool, and fit into the mouthpiece of an Original Smoking Lamp, making them incredibly versatile and user-friendly. 

Clippers are known for their reliability and longevity, thanks to their refillable nature, which also makes them an eco-friendlier option compared to disposable lighters. The flame size is adjustable, providing precise control for the perfect light every time, ensuring that your herb is evenly lit without being scorched. 

Clipper Lighter in a Smoking Lamp
Clipper Lighter in a Smoking Lamp

Is a Hemp Wick Better than a Lighter?

A hemp wick offers a cleaner alternative to lighting a bong compared to a traditional lighter. Made from natural hemp fibers coated in beeswax, it burns at a lower temperature. 

This preserves the flavor of your herb and reduces the inhalation of harmful butane gases from lighters. Using a hemp wick can enhance the purity of your smoking experience, allowing the true essence of the herb to shine through without the interference of chemical tastes. 

The controlled burn rate of hemp wick gives you more command over the lighting process, potentially leading to a more even and efficient combustion of the herb in the bowl. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice, appealing to environmentally aware consumers. 

While it might add an extra step to your routine, the benefits of using a hemp wick can significantly elevate the quality of your sessions. It’s about choosing quality over convenience, prioritizing the purity and taste of your smoking experience.

Hemp Wick Ball
Hemp Wick Ball

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Are Matches Better than Lighters?

Matches are not better than a traditional lighter for using a bong. Upon ignition, matches release sulfur and other chemicals, potentially tainting the taste of your herb. This can lead to a less pure smoking experience, where the flavor is influenced by the initial burn-off of the match head. Furthermore, matches require a moment to allow the sulfur to burn away before using, adding an extra step to your process. 

They also offer less control over the flame compared to lighters, making it harder to precisely light the bowl without scorching your herb. While they can serve in a pinch, the inconsistency and potential for flavor contamination make matches less ideal. 

Lighters, especially those designed for use with bongs and pipes, provide a more consistent and cleaner flame, ensuring a better smoking experience.

Box of Matches
Box of Matches

What is the Best Way to Light a Bong? Lighter, Hemp or Mathces?

The best way to light a bong largely hinges on your priorities, such as flavor purity, health considerations, and convenience. 

Hemp wicks stand out for their ability to deliver a cleaner, more flavorful hit. By burning at a lower temperature, they avoid altering the herb’s natural taste, a common issue with butane lighters. They also eliminate the inhalation of butane gases, making them a healthier option. However, they require an additional step in your lighting process, as you need to light the wick before using it to light your bong.

Lighters offer unmatched convenience. They provide a reliable and immediate flame, but the butane can affect the taste of your herb and introduce unwanted chemicals into your inhalation. For those who prioritize ease of use, especially in outdoor or on-the-go settings, lighters may still be the preferred choice.

Matches are the least favored for bong lighting due to the initial sulfur combustion, which can impart an unwanted flavor to the herb. They also offer the least control over the flame, increasing the risk of uneven burning or wasting your herb.

Best way to light a bong infographic comparison
Best way to light a bong infographic comparison

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