Stone of Barenziah Large Crystal Bowl
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Stone of Barenziah Large Crystal Bowl


Hark! I bring to thee a most magnificent creation, the Stone of Barenziah Large Crystal Bowl. Carved by the hands of my apprentices, this bowl is unlike any other. The base, 14mm in size, doth fit any standard bong or smoking lamp. But, ’tis not the size that sets this bowl apart, but the very unusual gems from which it was crafted.

These stones, found in the farthest reaches of the land, have been hand-carved to perfection, making it a crown in any smoker’s collection. And, unlike regular bowls, this one doth hold up to 2 grams of thy herbs or flowers. The crystals imbued within the bowl shall enhance the flavor and aroma of thy herbs, making for a truly magical smoking experience.

In thy quest for the ultimate smoking accessory, look no further than the Stone of Barenziah Large Crystal Bowl. It is a true treasure, and I guarantee, one that shall not disappoint. Trust in the ancient arts and add this bowl to thy collection.

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