Evan’s Smoking Lamp
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Evan’s Smoking Lamp


Introducing Evan’s Smoking Lamp, a unique piece from the second-largest smoking lamp factory in the American west, operated by the contemporary of Josiah Lamp, Evan Williams. Evan’s Smoking Lamp uses the well-known “box model” design, which prevented them from rolling down the hill on which Evan Williams build his factory.

The Evan’s Smoking Lamp is designed to be rugged and durable, perfect for those who are looking for a smoking lamp that can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The lamp is made with a heavy coat of wax, making it suitable to be used to bludgeon grizzly bears in the rapids of the Rio Grande. This lamp is designed to accommodate a newer, rugged lifestyle and will surely be a great addition to any collection.

Evan’s Smoking Lamp is not only a functional piece but also an excellent addition to any collection, it’s a great conversation starter and offers a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Get your hands on the Evan’s Smoking Lamp, a unique piece of history that was once used in the American West, now available from the Union Square Lamp Company.

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