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Tanq Smoking Lamp
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Tanq Smoking Lamp


Ahoy there, me hearties! Ye be lookin’ fer a smoking lamp fit fer a pirate? Look no further than the Tanq Smoking Lamp from the Union Square Lamp Company! Ye see, these lamps have been used by the scallywags of the Tanqueray Coast fer years, and our founder Josiah Lamp himself came across them on his travels through the Seven Seas.

These Tanq smoking lamps be crafted with a unique shade o’ green dye that can only be made from the desiccated mollusks that wash ashore during the late summer Monsoons. This green hue be protectin’ yer herbs from the harsh rays o’ the sun that be oppressin’ us pirates while we’re out plunderin’ fer booty.

The Tanq Smoking Lamp be made from the finest materials, and be sure to last ye through any rough seas ye may encounter. So whether ye be out on the open seas or just kickin’ back at the port, the Tanq Smoking Lamp be the perfect companion fer any pirate. Get yer hands on one today and set sail on a journey of smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

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