Bluecoat Smoking Lamp
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Bluecoat Smoking Lamp


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Union Square Lamp Company presents the Bluecoat Smoking Lamp, a faithful recreation of the famous lamp used by none other than America’s favorite Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin himself!

The Bluecoat Smoking Lamp was brought back to Philadelphia by Franklin from his travels to Paris and quickly became a popular practice in the new States. And now, The Union Square Lamp Company has meticulously recreated this iconic lamp, preserving its historical significance and unique design for all to enjoy.

The Bluecoat Smoking Lamp features a large globe that holds enough water for smoke filtration, resulting in a hit that is smooth as silk and easy on the throat. The thick glass base ensures durability and long-lasting use. The deep blue color of the globe is a nod to the one that Franklin himself used, affectionately naming it “Bluecoat.”

This historical smoking lamp is not only a functional piece but also an excellent addition to any collection. It’s a great conversation starter and offers a unique and enjoyable smoking experience.

So, all ye good citizens of Philadelphia, and beyond, come one, come all to get your hands on the Bluecoat Smoking Lamp, a piece of history that will elevate your smoking experience. Be quick, for they are selling fast!

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