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Types of Rolling Papers


Rolling papers are one of the most important parts of a smoker’s kit. You can’t roll a joint properly without them, and if you’re smoking alone, they’re the only way to keep your weed fresh. There are lots of different brands out there, but there are also quite a few differences in what makes each type unique. If you want to learn more about rolling papers, read on!


Rice rolling papers are made from rice. They are thin and burn quickly, which makes them perfect for smoking joints or blunts. 

Bleached vs Unbleached

Bleached rolling paper is one of the most popular types of rolling papers. The major advantage of this paper type is that it burns evenly and consistently, which means you’ll get a smooth, slow burn. Bleached rolling papers also don’t leave behind much ash, which means no more messing around with your grinder trying to clean out all those bits at the end of a bowl. The disadvantage? It’s not as durable as unbleached paper, so it won’t last as long or be quite as stiff.


If you’re looking for the least processed, most natural rolling paper on the market, hemp is the way to go. Hemp papers are made from hemp (a type of plant) and offer a smoother smoke. They taste better than your average rolling paper too.

However, this does come with a price: hemp rolling papers are more expensive than regular paper. Because they’re all-natural and completely organic (meaning no pesticides), they cost more than other types of rolling paper to manufacture.


Flavored rolling papers are a relatively new trend. Some people prefer them because they add a pleasant flavor to their smoking experience, while others dislike them for the same reason. They come in flavors like lemon, cherry and strawberry—but despite what you may think, there is no evidence that these flavors actually improve the taste of your smoke! If you’re someone who likes the taste of their weed but doesn’t want to use traditional rolling papers, flavored options provide an alternative that can help mask some of the harsher notes in cannabis smoke. However, if you don’t enjoy strong tastes or odors at all (and especially if your smoking style involves taking huge rips), non-flavored rolling papers might be best for you

Other Variations

While you may be thinking that rolling papers are just the same wherever you go and that there is only one variety of them, you would be wrong. Rolling papers come in a number of different types and sizes, each specializing in different features. Some are made from rice, hemp or both; some also have flavorful oils added to them; some are bleached while others are unbleached; some have a smoother texture than others; and still others come in unique shapes.


rolling papers come in a variety of flavors, and there are many types of rolling papers available. If you want a smoother smoke with less ash and no burn marks, then hemp rolling papers may be just what you need. If you’re looking for something with an extra kick or just different from what everyone else has been using, then flavored rolling papers could be perfect for your next sesh!

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