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Bowl Pieces for Bongs

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Today, we’re focusing on an essential component of any bong setup: the bowl piece. This small but crucial part plays a pivotal role in your smoking session, and understanding its nuances can enhance both the pleasure and effectiveness of your use. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a newcomer to this vibrant community, this guide will shed light on everything you need to know about bowl pieces for bongs, ensuring you make the most informed choice for your next session. Let’s dive in and explore the world of bong bowl pieces together!

What is a Bowl for a Bong?

A bong bowl piece is where you pack the ground herb before lighting it up. The bowl is typically located at the top of a downstem or directly attached to the bong, depending on the design.

Glass Bowl for Bong
Glass Bowl for Bong

Typical Features of Bowls

  • Material: Bowls are commonly made from glass, metal, ceramic, or silicone. Glass is popular for its purity of flavor, while metal and silicone offer durability.
  • Shape and Size: They come in various shapes and sizes, designed to hold different amounts of cannabis. The size of the bowl determines how much herb can be smoked at once.
  • Connection Type: Bowls are designed to fit into the bong’s joint. They are categorized as either male or female, depending on the type of connection they make with the bong’s stem.
Diagram of Parts of a Bong
Parts of a Bong

Bowl Piece Enhancements

  • Mesh Screens: Some bowls are enhanced with mesh screens. These screens sit at the bottom of the bowl and serve to prevent small pieces of herb from falling through into the water chamber. They also aid in even burning of the cannabis.
  • Built-in Screens: Certain high-end bowls come with built-in screens or filters, which are more convenient and provide a cleaner smoking experience.
  • Custom Designs: Bowls can also feature artistic designs or custom shapes, adding a personal touch to the bong.

Colorful Bowls
Colorful Bowls
Swirl Bowls
Swirl Bowls

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What Size are Bong Bowl Pieces?

Bong bowl pieces come in various sizes, primarily defined by their connection diameters. The most common sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. These measurements refer to the diameter of the bowl piece’s male end that connects to the bong’s female joint.

It’s important to note that the connection diameter of a bowl piece does not directly correlate to its capacity. A 14mm bowl, for instance, can have a deep or shallow depth, affecting how much herb it can hold. The diameter is more about ensuring the bowl fits the bong’s joint size correctly.

Infographic on How to Measure A Bowl Piece for a bong
Infographic on How to Measure A Bowl Piece for a bong

What is the Difference between Male and Female Bowl Pieces

  • Male Bowl Pieces: These have a protruding end that fits into a female joint on the bong. They are often used in bongs with a stem that ends in a female joint.
  • Female Bowl Pieces: These have an opening that a male part of the bong fits into. They are common in stemless bongs where the joint on the bong itself is male.

Bowl vs Banger for Bongs and Dab Rigs

What is a Bong Banger?

A bong banger is a bong attachment specifically used for consuming concentrates, such as wax, oil, or shatter. Often simply called a ‘banger,’  it is distinct from the traditional bowl piece, which is designed for smoking dry herbs.

Banger Diagrams
Banger Diagrams

Product Recommendation: Stone of Barenziah Large Crystal Bowl

For those looking to elevate their smoking experience with a touch of elegance and and the capacity to SMOKE A LOT AT ONCE, the Stone of Barenziah Large Crystal Bowl from the Union Square Lamp Company is an exceptional choice.

Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: This bowl stands out with its ability to hold up to 2 grams of ground herb or flower, making it perfect for extended sessions or sharing with friends.
  • Unique Design: Crafted from a variety of colorful crystals once part of the Crown of Queen Barenziah, this bowl adds a royal elegance to your smoking experience. Each piece is unique, ensuring that no two bowls are exactly alike.
  • Versatile Compatibility: With a 14mm male connection, it fits seamlessly into a wide range of smoking devices, including any 14.5mm female downstem. This makes it compatible with almost any bong or smoking lamp.
  • Durable Construction: Despite its intricate crystal design, the bowl is made with strong glass construction, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: The bowl is not only easy to use but also surprisingly easy to clean. The smooth surfaces of the crystals allow for quick and efficient maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bowls for Bongs

What size bowl piece do I need for my bong?

Answer: The size of the bowl piece you need depends on the size of your bong’s joint. Common sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Measure the diameter of your bong’s joint to determine the correct size.

Can I use the same bowl piece for different bongs?

Yes, you can use the same bowl piece for different bongs if the joint sizes are compatible. Ensure that the bowl piece fits snugly and securely into the bong’s joint for optimal functionality.

How often should I clean my bong bowl piece?

It’s recommended to clean your bong bowl piece regularly, ideally after every few uses. Regular cleaning prevents resin buildup, maintains optimal airflow, and preserves the flavor of your herbs.

What’s the difference between male and female bowl pieces?

Male bowl pieces have a protruding end that fits into a female joint on the bong, while female bowl pieces have an opening for a male part of the bong to fit into. The type required depends on your bong’s design.

What is the Most Common Bong Bowl Size?

14mm is the most common bowl size for most standard bongs and Smoking Lamps

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